Blue Hope

Blue Hope comes from the original name Blue Planet (not green…). We want to think about everything that will improve the quality of our environment, not only in the Czech Republic but globally. Of course, emphasis is placed on the meaningfulness of our proposals and their economic sustainability.

Often, it’s the little things that matter. We say YES to paper straws and NO to plastic trays, cutlery, and bags. We support the use of returnable plastic bottles and glass packaging. We also say NO to food waste and YES to food banks, and so on.

But it’s not just about the small things, which are actually not small at all. Above all, we are calling for the consistent protection of rainforests, oceans, and seas. We aim for the elimination of large-scale garbage dumps around major cities and a ban on polluting outer space. All these projects require a global solution under the auspices of the UN and other world organizations. There is undoubtedly room for “rich states” to help financially, politically, and with their influence.

In early August 2023, representatives from all countries where the Amazon rainforest is located met in Brazil. They declared that the clearing of the rainforest must stop, though it is unclear since when. The international community should play a fundamental role, providing financial compensation (or assistance) to the inhabitants of territories that will be forced to adapt without additional agricultural or industrial land. We are fully ready to support the efforts of those protecting the rainforest.


Petition Name: Petition – Stop Emission Allowances

Text of the Petition: “As a citizen of [Member State] within the European Union, I, utilizing the relevant provisions of the Treaty of Lisbon in the sense of the European citizens’ initiative according to Article 11 of the Treaty on the EU and Article 24 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU, attach my signature to the proposal to cancel the so-called emission allowances (Greenhouse gas emission allowance) issued according to the decision of Directive 2003/87/EC as amended by later regulations. Emission allowances and their trading are tools that restrict economic competition, not only between individual subjects of the European market but also between European companies and companies from other regions of the world. Emission allowances and their trading adversely affect the prices of European products and reduce the quality of life of Europeans.”


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