The Blue Academy

“The Blue Academy Association was established in response to the emergence of a “new religion” the religion of climate change. We have long been lacking any discussion about ongoing climate changes and the alleged significant impact of humans on them. At the same time, we have fully realized the long-term harmful impact of the European project Green Deal, which was legislated in June 2021 by the so-called Climate Law. We are convinced that this path – the path to carbon neutrality – is not only unfeasible but also lacks reasonable justification. Its result could be the disruption of the European economy and subsequently all social structures. Our task is to prevent this project through the European Citizens Initiative – a petition against emission permits – and at the same time, open a discussion regarding real environmental protection, not only in Europe but throughout the planet Earth.”

Founder of The Blue Academy, medical doctor, has been long time engaged in medicine, the relationship between nature and civilization diseases, macroeconomics, and healthcare organization.

Vice-chairman of the association, a specialist in food production with a long-term interest in environmental protection technology and ecology.

Vice-chairman of the association, a former career diplomat who is currently an attorney specializing in international law. A person who firmly believes that environmental protection can be achieved without centralized authoritarianism and without trampling on basic human rights, freedoms, and dignity.


Dr Marek Zeman, founder of The Blue Academy, chairman

At the beginning was the WORD, or rather the slogan: CLIMATE IS MORE THAN NATION! This inscription was written in large white letters on the granite wall above the railway line between the Prague Velká Chuchle and Prague Radotín train stations. Today, after the track renovation, this inscription has been repainted, so please don’t look for it there. For quite some time, I passed by without noticing it, absorbed in my thoughts, but eventually, I had to reflect on its meaning.

Every word, even the most banal one, has some significance. It can amuse, anger, sadden, or even evoke no emotions at all. But it has its meaning. The slogan “climate is more than nation” signals an immediate threat to human society as a whole, or in this case, the entire planet Earth due to climate changes. Such a strongly expressed threat can make you contemplate it, at least if you are not completely indifferent. So, in my free time, I delved into the issue of human impact on climate change, which I have no doubts about. Yes, climate change is happening. It has happened in the past, and surely, it will continue to happen. And what about us – humans? We have no choice but to accept this fact and adapt to it. And since we cannot command the wind and rain, we must take measures that we are capable of.

Just one example. For centuries, the Dutch have been expanding their territory by reclaiming land from the sea. And because they are clever and diligent, they succeed. A significant part of today’s Netherlands (the name itself tells a story) is below the level of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a long-term and costly endeavour, but it works. So why not protect other areas from rising sea levels? Because it is about setting meaningful and achievable goals, not utopian dreams…

We all care about our planet Earth, about a quality environment, clean seas, and inland water resources, about fauna and flora. About a quality life for all inhabitants of this planet, not just humans. But our activities, plans, and goals must be meaningful, attainable, and sustainable. Only such goals make sense…

Let’s get involved and not let ourselves be manipulated.

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